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Chiropractors near Burwood

Our purpose at Sexton Chiropractic is to help you and your family achieve better health naturally.

We believe chiropractic care is more than just a treatment for back pain, neck pain and headaches. Our goal is to lead people of all ages toward healthier, happier and more active lives. Our practice is located near Burwood at 621 Whitehorse Rd Surrey Hills, near the corner of Union Rd.


Providing chiropractic care to people of all ages

We believe chiropractic care is a safe and effective health care option for people of all ages.  Your chiropractor will always consider your stage of life and level of spinal health before choosing the right care for you.
One of our highest priorities at Sexton Chiropractic is promoting spinal health in children.  Ensuring optimum spinal function during the growing years is an important step in fostering life long spinal health.
Children may experience spinal stress through poor posture and the many knocks and falls of childhood.  Babies may experience significant spinal stress even with a relatively normal birth process, or by other factors such as postures or positioning.
Chiropractors are trained to provide care using techniques appropriate for each stage of life, including extremely gentle procedures to improve the function of little spines.
Likewise, throughout adolescence and the various stages of adulthood, your chiropractor will adapt techniques to suit the patient.  Chiropractors have 5 years of university based education and a wide range of techniques and lifestyle interventions to implement in an appropriate care plan. 
Our spine provides important sensory feedback to the central nervous system which can subsequently impact our general wellbeing at each stage of life.  A healthy spine from a young age is therefore an important element in the health and performance of human beings.

Spinal health and general wellbeing

We believe there are significant health benefits in maintaining optimal spinal health throughout life.  We have a strong focus on helping people relieve symptoms as quickly as possible, however we are equally committed to promoting greater wellbeing by optimising the health and function of your spine and nervous system.

We believe care of your spine should start in the growing years when patterns of posture and movement are developing that may last a lifetime.

We recommend a lifestyle approach to health care.  We aim to work with your body, not against it.  We promote the philosophy of nature first and the basic guidelines of eating well, moving well and thinking well.

If you are looking for a chiropractor near Burwood for you and your family you can call  98981282 now or book online.

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