One of the more common reasons people seek chiropractic care is for the treatment of headache and migraine.  The actual cause of headache in an individual can be due to various factors occurring separately or in combination.  


One of the more common factors leading to headache is neck problems.  This type of headache is called cervicogenic headache. Stiff joints in the cervical spine, tight muscles, wear and tear in the spine and postural strain can irritate important nerves in the neck and refer pain to the head.  



Chiropractors are well trained to assess the spine, determine the cause of your headache and provide effective care if appropriate.  Chiropractic care for headache may involve gentle and specific adjustments to the cervical spine to improve movement and relieve muscle tension.  It may also involve muscle therapy, corrective and supportive exercises or lifestyle and dietary advice to not only assist in easing the headaches but importantly to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


Establishing improved patterns of movement and posture may also be a focus of the care we provide.  We commonly see neck pain and headache in Balwyn resulting from common daily activities such as sitting in front of desks and computers or prolonged periods slumped over a phone, unfortunately a problem that begins from a young age. Stress, hormonal factors and dietary triggers can also contribute to headache.  Therefore, making specific changes to diet and lifestyle may also be helpful in controlling headaches and migraine.  Your chiropractor is well qualified to help you make the changes necessary to reduce your headaches and move toward a healthier you.


At Surf Coast Chiropractic our chiropractors will undertake a thorough assessment of your condition and if appropriate provide a course of care aimed at relieving the ailment of patients with headache in Balwyn as quickly as possible, as well as minimising recurrence.  We take a holistic approach to your health care and aim to not only reduce the symptoms that bring you to our office but address the cause of your problem where possible.


Not all headaches will be best managed by a chiropractor and if referral to another practitioner is required, we will direct you appropriately.


In summary, neck problems are a common contributor to the onset of migraine and headache in Balwyn, even when other factors such as stress and hormonal changes may be obvious triggers.  At Sexton Chiropractic we are well positioned to manage your headaches or advise you on further care if required.


If you would like to discuss your condition more specifically, visit our Torquay practice by calling 52 617 438 to book your appointment.

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