Low Back Pain

Low back pain is an extremely common condition in our community. Often people with chronic low back pain feel it is a normal part of life and live with it, rather than get treatment and help to prevent it. Our team at Sexton Chiropractic are very experienced treating chronic and acute low back pain as well as sciatica, and feel confident in helping many people overcome this frustrating condition.

Don’t ignore low back pain! We can help!

Cause of Low Back Pain


There are many causes of low back pain, and it is often a different cause for different cases. Many factors can affect the low back; including poor core strength, which can place increased pressure on the spine, and poor posture, which may be due to prolonged periods sitting and not enough movement.

Common causes of low back pain:

  • Poor posture

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Weak core muscles

  • Increased pressure on the low back

  • Muscle tightness, fatigue and imbalance

Muscles imbalance, as well as biomechanical distortion can all affect the function of your lower back. As part of our in depth assessment of low back pain, the chiropractors at Sexton Chiropractic utilise posture assessment, muscle testing, neurological testing and the latest EMG scanning technology to find the specific cause of each patient's low back pain.

We believe that finding and assessing the cause of your low back pain can help to not only reduce the pain in the short term, but prevent your low back pain from becoming chronic, or returning in the long term.

How can we help your Low Back Pain?


Our chiropractors are highly skilled and together have over 20 years experience treating low back pain and other spinal conditions. We are confident we can help everyone in some way with low back pain, whether it be reducing pain, increasing flexibility and function or increasing general well being and spinal health.


We do specific and thorough assessments of each patient presenting with low back pain. From this assessment we can determine a specific treatment plan and goals for each patient.

Treatment may include some or all of the following:


Manual Therapy: Our chiropractors perform specific, safe and effective manual adjustments and mobilisations to areas we find that need more movement and proprioception. Adjustments can give patients with low back pain great relief as well as greater mobility.

Soft tissue therapy: After assessing muscle strength and balance in the low back, our chiropractors and remedial massage therapists can further understand which muscles need to be treated. Often patients with low back pain present with hypertonic (or tight) posterior back muscles. We use soft tissue therapy to reduce muscle tension and improve function for patients with low back pain.


Stretching and Rehabilitation exercises: Our chiropractors are highly skilled in providing specific rehabilitation exercises for low back pain. We strongly believe that although treatment in the clinic is extremely important, doing exercises at home is also a high priority in reducing low back pain. We can tailor a specific exercise program to each patient who presents with low back pain.

Since last 20 years, Sexton Chiropractic has been providing effective treatments to all our patients suffering from back pain, headache and neck pain. Although our clinic is located in Bendigo and Surrey Hills, our services also extend to the nearby suburbs including Balwyn, Box Hill, Blackburn, Burwood, Canterbury and Mont Albert.

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