Low Back Pain

Low back pain is an extremely common condition in our community. Often people with chronic low back pain feel it is a normal part of life and live with it, rather than get the treatment they need and the help to prevent it. Our team at Sexton Chiropractic are highly qualified to manage chronic and acute low back pain as well as sciatica, and have years of experience helping many people overcome this debilitating condition.

Don’t ignore low back pain! We can help!

Cause of Low Back Pain


There are multiple causes of low back pain. Common factors include poor core strength, which can place increased pressure on the spine, and poor posture, which may be due to prolonged periods sitting and not enough movement.

Common causes of low back pain:

  • Poor posture

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Weak core muscles

  • Increased pressure on the low back

  • Muscle tightness, fatigue and imbalance

Muscles imbalance, as well as biomechanical distortion can affect the function of your lower back. As part of a thorough assessment of low back pain, the chiropractors at Sexton Chiropractic utilise a range of tests and procedures to accurately identify the specific causes of an individual's back pain.  Further diagnostic tests such as X-rays and MRI scans may be ordered if appropriate. 

More accurate assessment may lead to more targeted treatment and a faster resolution of  the pain.  Just as importantly we can educate you on how to strengthen your spine to reduce the liklihood of your back pain becoming chronic and to minimise the chances of recurrence in the future. 


How can we help your low back pain?


Our chiropractors are highly skilled and have decades of experience treating low back pain and other spinal conditions. We are confident we can help most people in some way with their low back pain, whether it be reducing pain, increasing flexibility and function or increasing general well-being and spinal health.  If we are not the best option to assist you with your condition, we will direct you to the health professional most appropriate in your case.


We do specific and thorough assessments of each patient presenting with low back pain. From this assessment we can determine a specific treatment plan and goals for each patient.


Treatment may include some or all of the following:


Manual Therapy: Our chiropractors perform specific, safe and effective manual adjustments and mobilisations to areas we find that need more movement and proprioception. Adjustments may give patients with low back pain great relief as well as greater mobility.


Soft tissue therapy: After assessing muscle strength and postural balance in the low back, our chiropractors and remedial massage therapists can further understand which muscles need to be treated. Often patients with low back pain present with hypertonic (or tight) posterior back muscles. We often utilise soft tissue therapy to reduce muscle tension and improve function for patients with low back pain.


Stretching and Rehabilitation exercises: Our chiropractors are highly skilled in providing specific rehabilitation exercises for low back pain. We strongly believe that although the care provided in our practice is a vital part of your recovery plan, so too is the home care and lifestyle advice we give and the exercises we prescribe to improve the strength, movement and resilience of your spine. We can tailor a specific exercise program appropriate for your condition.

For more than 25 years Sexton Chiropractic has been providing effective treatment for people suffering from back pain, neck pain and headache.  Our practices are located in Bendigo, Torquay and Surrey Hills and we also see many people from the surrounding suburbs of Balwyn, Box Hill, Mont Albert, Canterbury and Burwood.

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